OWI Presented Top Award in Data Content

  • OWI News
  • August 21, 2023

OWI congratulates the Technical Team on their recognized achievement!

August 21, 2023

Old World Industries, Inc. (OWI) was proudly displayed at this year’s Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN) Knowledge Exchange Conference, winning an award in Content Excellence. “The Content Excellence Awards recognizes best-in-class examples of data standards (ACES® and PIES™) use and compliance, as well as electronic cataloging and content in B2C and B2B platforms in the automotive aftermarket.” (autocare.org)


The annual conference ACPN, which happened this May in Orlando, Florida, gathered attendees, speakers, and exhibitors from leading manufacturers, distributors, and companies in the automotive content space. OWI was presented an award for the “ACES and PIES Data Award – Off-Highway & Equipment Only” for PEAK Lighting and Wipers, which recognizes and praises excellence in source data. This first time category award is judged by fellow industry professionals and members of the Auto Care Association. Scoring is based off various extensive criteria of ACES and PIES data that ACPN rules essential.


“Over the past 4-5 years I have been submitting OWI data to Auto Care Association for judgement and using the feedback to clean up and improve the data year after year. This is no small feat as a lot of my colleagues and I, in the cataloging world, work hard with lots of passion and soul to meet the dynamic standards set by the Auto Care Association to communicate Product Information (PIES) and Vehicle Fitment Data (ACES) through countless channels to present the data to the end customer. Today, OWI has been recognized for our excellent data content in both quality and quantity of data that we have to offer. Our plans are to continue to strive to improve OWI’s data content, and to provide the best product story that will result in a confident shopping experience for the end consumer and return business for the reseller.” – Dru Soni, Associate Product Documentation Manager.


OWI thanks Dru and the Technical team for their efforts in this category and is proud of their award and recognition!