Features a durable metal construction that stands up to harsh driving conditions and rugged commercial use.

Product Description

Keep your windshield clear even in tough driving conditions with PEAK Transport heavy duty wiper blades! PEAK Transport's heavy duty line fits heavy duty trucks, Class A RV’s, and school and transit buses. The durable, all metal construction stands up to rugged commercial use and harsh driving conditions, while heavy duty natural rubber helps keep visibility clearer for better safety conditions. This versatile windshield wiper blade includes all necessary hardware for a quick & easy installation, so you can replace your wiper blades in a snap. These heavy duty windshield wipers are perfect for anyone needing a higher quality performance from their wiper blades on the road!

Features & Benefits

  • 1. Durable Metal Construction:

    Stands up to rugged commercial use and harsh driving conditions.

  • 2. All Necessary Hardware:

    Includes all hardware necessary for easy installation.

  • 3. Heavy Duty Natural Rubber Wiping Element:

    Durable rubber for superior wiping performance and visibility.

Heavy Duty Wiper Blade

The all metal construction stands up to rugged commercial use and harsh driving conditions for year-round visibility. Designed to fit the unique wiper arms found on Class 6-8 Trucks, Transit and School Buses and Class A RV's.

Transport Blades Are Designed to Fit the Following Wiper Arms:

  • 5 Bar, Flat, Wide Saddle & Winter Blades:

    Transit and School Buses, Class 6-8 Trucks and Class A RV's

  • 12x4 Hook & Beam Blades:

    Class A RV's

  • 16x6 Hook Blades:

    Transit Buses

Product Information

PEAK Transport heavy duty wiper blades are available in cases of 5!  We're here to keep your fleets safe on the road through all extreme weather conditions.

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