DEF 3.62" Filter Unit


Technical Documentation:

Product Description

The 3.62” DEF filter unit holds a standard-sized filter. The strong plexiglass filter housing allows for a visual filter check. Ensuring the DEF you pump is clear of all particles.

Features & Benefits:
  • ISO 22241 compatible
  • Helps to ensure product purity
  • Eliminates most contamination/particulation
  • "G" Style fittings for ease of installation
  • Easily change filter
  • Acrylic housing for enhanced inspection of fluid quality

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • • 4-layer filter candle 3.62 inch
    • Filter unit includes filter
    • Seal kit for filter housing and fittings
    • Visual filter check
    • Tool-free filter replacement
    • Easy to clean filter can also be operated without filter cartridge
    • Double sealing system, axial + radial, no crystal formation due to leaking DEF
    • Dual seal system for all fittings and connecting parts
    • Standard filter cartridge size