5-Scale Digital Refractometer

Part #PA203XK

The PEAK digital refractometer is a five-in-one instrument that represents the most accurate method available for field-testing engine coolant and the concentration of urea in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Technical Documentation:

Product Description

The PEAK digital refractometer meets or exceeds the requirements for refractometers in international standards ASTM 07821 and ASTMD3321.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easy To Use: Simply place a drop or two of fluid in the stainless steel well and press a button. The custom-designed microprocessor delivers a nearly instantaneous readout and ensures that fluids are measured accurately. The user interface consists of two buttons, one to take readings and the other to step through various menu options.
  • Easy To Read: The large backlit LCD display is easily read, even in dim light, and removes the subjectivity associated with interpreting where a boundary line crosses tiny scale divisions.
  • Easy To Calibrate: Calibration is automatic and does not require the use of special calibration solutions, or tools. The s-scale Digital Refractometer automatically calibrates itself to water and is ready to use in seconds. No more screws to turn and nothing to adjust.
  • 5 Preset scales: • Final Charge Global DAT GIVCOI % • Final Charge Global OAT Freeze Point • NOAT/HD SCA GIVCOI % • NOAT/HD SCA Freeze Point •DEF Urea%