FINAL CHARGE® Mild-Acid Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner

Part #FSC003

Removes scale, rust deposits, and oil contamination.

Technical Documentation:

Product Description

FINAL CHARGE® Mild-Acid Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner is effective in removing heavy rust, scale, system deposits, oil, and fuel contamination from engine coolant systems.

Once the engine's coolant system is contaminated, water alone cannot clean the system. This cleaner addresses a wide range of contamination without harming the metal surfaces, gaskets, hoses, or plastic components.

Features & Benefits:
  • Removes heavy corrosion, scale deposits, and oil contamination. Please refer to the respective performance chart for best results.
  • Removes contaminants without damaging system metals or elastomers, cleans cooling systems without leaving a film on heat transfer surfaces, and is an aluminum safe technology when used correctly.

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • • Automotive to Heavy Duty Applications
    • Gasoline, Diesel or Natural Gas Engine Cooling Systems