Thermal Charge® EGSE Heat Transfer Fluid - 55 Gal.

Part #TGA0B1

Formulated to protect large, stationary Diesel engines – including engines used in gas transmission compressor station service – against over-heating, winter freeze-ups, and corrosion.

Technical Documentation:

Product Description

Thermal Charge® EGSE is an ethylene glycol-based coolant which contains industrial inhibitors to provide protection for all system metals. Its phosphate-free formula helps prevent scaling that can impede heat transfer and cause cylinder head cracking.

Features & Benefits:
  • Works in ALL heavy duty stationary engines
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Protects against freezing and boilover
  • Outstanding protection against corrosion and cavitation
  • Low-silicate, phosphate-free formula reduces the risk of scale
  • Meets the ASTM D3306 requirements for ASTM D1384, which is the industry standard test method to demonstrate corrosion protection of all system metals
  • Meets ASTM D3306 and ASTM D6210 requirements for use in heavy duty applications
  • Can be used with similar heat transfer fluids

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • • All heavy duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas stationary engines
    • Gas distribution line heaters
    • Indirect heaters