Thermal Charge® PG Heat Transfer Fluid 65% - 55 Gal.

Part #TFPW61

Propylene Glycol-based fluid with low acute oral toxicity, for use with applications where contact with food or beverage products, could potentially occur.

Technical Documentation:

Product Description

Thermal Charge® PG is an inhibited propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid for heating and secondary cooling applications for which a low toxicity heat transfer fluid is required. Applications include freeze and burst protection for pipes, ice-making, defrosting, deicing and dehumidifying. It is also registered with the NSF for use where there is the possibility of incidental food or beverage contact (HT1).

Features & Benefits:
  • Excellent low temperature performance: At a 50/50 mix, provides freeze protection to -28°F (-33°C) and excellent low temperature pumpability
  • Registered with the NSF as an HT1 product: Meets US FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) requirements and is registered for use in food and beverage plants
  • Superior resistance to fouling and corrosion: Formulated to control degradation, while providing corrosion protection and pH stability. Meets ASTM D3306 performance requirements for the D1384 corrosion test, demonstrating excellent protection to all cooling system metals. Dilutions below 65 volume % meet ASTM D8039 requirements for use in heat transfer applications and HVAC systems
  • Low toxicity: Low acute oral toxicity enables Thermal Charge® PG to be used in regulated industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer products
  • Nonflammable: Because the flash and fire points are above the boiling point of water, glycols present little fire hazard in storage or handling when mixed with water of 20% concentrations or greater

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • • Closed-loop water based HVAC
    • Cooling towers and chillers
    • Food and beverage
    • Fire sprinkler systems
    • Ground freeze prevention
    • Ice-making & skating rink systems
    • Irrigation systems
    • Refrigeration and freezing
    • Trace line insulation & heating
    • Water bath heaters