Thermal Charge SI-OAT Heat Transfer Fluid

Part #TSEB51

Technical Documentation:

Product Description

Thermal Charge® Original Equipment Technology™ Si-OAT (Compare to G40®)* 50/50 Prediluted Heat Transfer Fluid is a silicate-enhanced organic acid technology formula that matches the chemistry specified by stationary engine manufacturers. That means it will provide maximum protection against overheating, winter freeze-ups, metal corrosion and wet-sleeve liner cavitation, even under severe-duty, continuous operation. Its phosphate-free formula helps prevent scaling that can impede heat transfer and cause cylinder head cracking.

*G40 is a registered trademark of Valvoline Inc. or its affiliates

Features & Benefits:
  • Specially engineered formula is free of phosphate, borate, nitrite and amines
  • Provides year-round freeze-up and boilover protection under extreme conditions
  • Prevents wet-sleeve liner cavitation and costly repairs
  • Meets ASTM D3306 and D6210 industry standards for corrosion protection
  • Provides a long service life of up to 20,000 hours

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • Stationary Engines