New Emissions Rules Signal Major Changes for Heavy-Duty Fleets

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  • September 14, 2023

Heavy-duty truck fleets might soon be at a crucial crossroads. Learn more about the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations below.

Forever changing and evolving Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations are something the heavy-duty trucking industry is very familiar with, so it came as no shock when the EPA promulgated its latest set of standards: Beginning with model year 2027, the new regulations look to further decarbonize heavy-duty fleets, with the rules estimated to be 80% stricter than current standards. 


While that timeline is short and aggressive, Old World Industries is prepared. "OWI has always been on the forefront of supporting the market during times of regulation changes. We were there for our customers at the beginning of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) requirements, have expanded distribution to maintain competitiveness for our customers, and launched BlueDEF Platinum® to improve the system performance," says Greg Noethlich, Chief Executive Office at Old World Industries.  

This white paper will cover:

  • New EPA emissions regulations for heavy-duty fleets
  • OEMs' response - new engines and emissions-reducing equipment
  • Old World Industries updates to BlueDEF® and aftertreatment products