Driving Force

  • PEAK Squad
  • October 21, 2016

John Force Racing is the winningest team in motorsports history collecting 18 world championships in 25 years, and setting virtually every record in the book along the way. It’s a 28,000-horsepower roadshow that logs over 80,000 miles crisscrossing the country to compete in 25 races every year. And while 12 gallons of nitro methane may power each car for a quarter mile across the finish line, it takes a whole lot more to get to the starting line. Nine high-tech tractor trailers, which function as floating engineering and mechanical bays, carry the entire operation with military precision.

The JFR Fleet logs over 80,000 miles a year, but each one is kept in showroom-new condition. Crew members take obsessive care over JFR's fleet of tractor trailers which are, in many ways, as high tech as their cargo. Prior to leaving for the next race the JFR shop each trucks gets a deep cleaning, fluid check, and maintenance completed. With a championship on the line, downtime enroute to a race is not an option.


John Force Racing use Fleet Charge Coolant and BlueDEF to ensure thier vehicles are fully protecting for the long grueling season.


Driving Force

In preparation for the next race crew members perform essential maintenance on every truck in the fleet.
When competing for a championship, vehicle downtime is not an option. JFR trusts BlueDEF to get them from Point A to B.
Nearly 85% of every part on every vehcile is engineered and produced at JFR's in house machine engineering center.
John Force Racing maintains its own supercharger development center. Here, a JFR employee stands with three custom-engineered chargers hot off the machining line.
Not only does JFR build virtually every part of their engines, but also build their chasis systems too.
The paint and decal shop at JFR customize each of the four primary cars and the four backup cars before every race,