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  • November 23, 2016

Learn more about how Pure Metal Recycling keeps equipment operation at a high performance level with BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Fleet Charge coolant.

In this article, Lifeblood, an online resource recently launched by PEAK Commercial & Industrial to support fleet professionals with information, tools and research, features a leading fleet organization whose reliable, efficient service provides invaluable support to keep the nation’s businesses running at maximum capacity.


Pure Metals Recycling, also known as PMR, is a full service-recycling firm with a core focus on metals. The company has brought high-quality service to the Chicagoland and South Bend, Indiana area for more than 40 years. PMR has seven facilities strategically placed to handle and process all scrap commodities, as well as packaging it to the specs their clients require.


To see just how this company maintains high-quality service and continued success in the industry, Lifeblood sat down with Pure Metals Recycling’s Director of Fleet Maintenance and Procurement, Mac Delozier.


As the Director of Maintenance and Procurement, Mac is continually looking for ways to maximize his fleet’s productivity and improve the process of maintenance and equipment at PMR, as well as lead operational purchasing and cost controls.

Because PMR's fleet consumes more than 2 million gallons of diesel fuel annually, they keep two 300-gallon totes of BlueDEF on site at every facility.
Feece Oil Co. has worked with PMR for 5 years now, keeping them supplied with BlueDEF and Fleet Charge 50/50. Mac sasl OWI products "have been key in keeping our equipment operating at a high performance level."

Maintenance of equipment is a crucial part in any fleet system — so how does PMR manage its fleets at such an exceptional level? PMR’s maintenance program is backboned by its fluid analysis and service interval program. The fleets go through three service levels, service A (weekly service), service B (monthly service) and service C (a three-month or 20,000 mile service). In addition, the fluid analysis portion of the maintenance is given once every 3 months or every 500 hours.


In an environment where weather is notorious for its extreme and sometimes damaging impact, PMR must constantly make sure that its fleet’s fluids are at perfect levels to avoid fleet downtime and service interruptions. The company uses PEAK Commercial & Industrial’s leading antifreeze/coolant products to ensure all of its fleets are running in optimal condition. PMR views the fluids in its equipment — including heavy duty oil, coolant/antifreeze, and diesel exhaust fluid — as the lifeblood that keeps the company up and running. PMR’s maintenance program is built to be proactive rather than reactive in regards to its fleet’s efficiency. According to Mac, “From -25F to 102F, we feel covered and confident that our cooling systems are protected with PEAK Fleet Charge 50/50.”


Pure Metals Recycling is the number one recycler in Chicago and surrounding states, and to Mac, there is no secret as to why they are at the top. The integration of all departments enables PMR to consistently operate at its best. The combined efforts, operations and success of PMR, including a variety of aspects from its selection of coolant/antifreeze to its packaging, come together as, “a perfectly coordinated dance, where everyone has to be listening to the same tune.”


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.In addition to 180 on-road trucks, PMR's fleet includes 150 off-raod vehicles and machines. From Left to right: a Caterpillar 330CL with Labounty Shear, A Mack CXU613 Tractor Trailer, a Caterpillar 330D with a 66" Scrapmaster Magnet and a Mack CXU613 Lugger Body.
"to properly and efficiently maintain the volume of equipment that PMR has, it takes about 70 team members, all working in conjunction and supporting the proper channels"