Million Mile Mavericks

  • Industry News
  • February 16, 2016

Learn how Maverick Transportation leverages FINAL CHARGE® Global Extended Life Antifreeze + Coolant to extend service intervals and reduce service and maintenance costs.

Making the switch to Final Charge helped Maverick more than double the amount of miles between coolant changes. With a fleet of 1,450 trucks, that means way more wheels on the road and out of the shop.


Labor Saving Coolant:

Each of Maverick's 1,400 trucks comes in for service four times a year. Each Coolant Flush and fill takes about 20 minutes.  So with Final Charge's Million-Mile Warranty, Final Charge saves Maverick about 1,000 man-hours a year.


Vital Fluids:


Final Charge's Million -Mile Warranty convinced Maverick to go with Final Charge coolant exclusively.




Million Mile Mavericks