The Role of Heat Transfer Fluid for Data Centers

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  • March 21, 2024

A Crucial Component for Keeping Information Technology Systems at Safe Temperatures.

Data center demand is on the rise, and according to research by McKinsey & Company, it is expected to experience steady growth until 2030. But even with physical expansion and increased power capacities, many data centers are experiencing reduced power efficiency, which can be attributed to inefficient cooling.


With how much heat a typical bank of servers produces, a failed cooling process can raise the temperature in the data center to damaging levels in a matter of minutes. 


Learn more about these struggles and find solutions in our latest white paper, “The Role of Heat Transfer Fluid for Data Centers” where we break down:


  1. The basic functionality of heat transfer fluid (HTF)
  2. Common applications and what HTF prevents
  3. How HTFs are used in data centers
  4. HTF maintenance practices for data centers