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PEAK High Temp Moly EP Grease

PEAK® High Temp Moly EP Grease

Part #PGREP14I

High-Temp Moly NLGI Grade #2 Grease, with a base viscosity of 220, and Lithium Complex Thickner. Provides excellent protection for Heavy-Duty Automotive, Off-Road, and iIndustrial applications.

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Technical Documentation:

Product Description

PEAK® High-Temp Moly EP Multi-Purpose Grease with molybdenum solids is for severe-duty, extreme pressure applications under high shock loads. Superior anti-seize, anti-wear performance grease. PEAK High-Temp Molly EP Multi-Purpose grease is a lithium complex grease.


• Automotive - recommended for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mack HD chassis and wheel bearings.

• Off-road & Industrial – recommended for heavy-duty plain and anti-friction bearing applications operating under high stress/high load conditions, coupled with high mbient temperatures.

Features & Benefits:
  • Designed to protect under severe conditions
  • 500 Kg Weld Point – For demanding applications
  • Premium Oxidation Stability – 120 hr. high temp life

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • Meets, or exceeds, the performance for:
    • NLGI/ASTM D-4950 GC-LB
    • ISO 6743-9: L-X CDIB 2
    • DIN 51502: KPF2N-30
    • Ford ESA-M1C75B
    • MACK MG-C

Follow the steps below and use the charts to find the right grease for your application.


Step 1. Identify bearing type and DN value (speed factor) DN value equals the bearing’s average diameter multiplied by its average operating speed (RPM) and applies a correction factor based on type of bearing. Consult equipment manufacturer if DN value is unknown.

Step 2. Determine average bearing operating temperature

Step 3. Look up the DN value and operating temperature in the appropriate charts above to determine optimal grease base oil viscosity and NLGI grade.