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PEAK Conventional Antifreeze + Coolant

PEAK® Conventional Antifreeze + Coolant

Formulated for older vehicle makes and models. Available in 50/50 prediluted for easy top-offs and full-strength concentrate formula for complete flush and fills.

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Product Description

PEAK® Conventional Antifreeze + Coolant is available in a 50/50 prediluted  READY USE® GREEN formula for easy cooling system top-offs and Conventional GREEN Concentrate formula for radiator Flush and Fills. 

PEAK Conventional Antifreeze + Coolant is engineered for use in older cars and light-duty trucks. It meets or exceeds all industry specifications including GM 1899M, GM 1825M, Ford ESE-M97B44-A. It also provides maximum protection against scale, rust, corrosion, freeze-up and boil-over.

Recommended for use in:

  • Chrysler: All Pre-2000
  • Ford: All Pre-2002
  • GM: All Pre-1995
  • All makes and models: All Pre-1989

PEAK Conventional Antifreeze + Coolant Features & Benefits

  • Maximum freeze-up/boil-over protection, protection down to -34°F and up to 265°F when 50/50 coolant to water mixture is used
  • Prevents sludge build up and clogging of critical cooling system parts
  • Protects against the build-up of scale and rust and the corrosion of critical cooling system parts
  • Protects all cooling system metals, including aluminum


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