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PEAK MACH1 Hybrid Wiper Blades

PEAK® MACH1 Hybrid Wiper Blades

Combines the stability of a traditional framed blade with the sleek design of a beam blade.

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Product Description

PEAK® MACH1™ hybrid wiper blades provide a smooth clear wipe in all weather conditions. These hybrid blades combine the stability of a conventional blade with the sleek design and performance of a beam blade. MACH1™ hybrid wiper blades are equipped with EZ-SNAP® Universal Connector System to fit most wiper arm styles. Installation is quick and easy with simple to follow instructions inside the package. Blades are available in lengths 16” to 28”.

PEAK® MACH1™ Installation Videos

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MACH1™ 22mm Push Button Windshield Wiper Installation

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