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PEAK Silicone Plus Wiper Blades

PEAK® Silicone Plus Wiper Blades

Hybrid blades engineered to last 4x longer*, infused with water repellent technology, and delivers complete visibility through rain and snow.

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Product Description

PEAK® SILICONE PLUS™ premium hybrid wiper blades are engineered to last 4X longer* and deliver complete visibility in any weather driving condition. The Tri-layer wiping element is constructed with a silicone compound for longevity providing 2 million problem-free wipes* during the life of the blade. The infused water repellent technology coats the windshield shedding rain and winter road spray. Upgrade to a premium solution to get consistent performance in all seasons with the PEAK® SILICONE PLUS™ wiper blades. These blades are equipped with EZ-SNAP® Universal Connector System to fit most wiper arm styles. Installation is quick and easy with simple to follow instructions inside the package. Blades are available in lengths of 13” to 28”.


*versus industry standard (SAE J903) requirements for traditional blades

PEAK® SILICONE PLUS™ Installation Videos

SILICONE PLUS 19mm Push Button Windshield Wiper Installation

SILICONE PLUS 22mm Push Button Windshield Wiper Installation

SILICONE PLUS Pinch Tab Windshield Wiper Installation

SILICONE PLUS Hook Arm Windshield Wiper Installation

SILICONE PLUS Side Lock Windshield Wiper Installation