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PEAK Universal J20C Tractor Fluid

PEAK® Universal J20C Tractor Fluid

Part #PUT005

Formulated with severe-duty engine ptotection chemistry for longer engine life and fuel savings. OEM approved performance for Ford Wss M2C171-F1.

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Technical Documentation:

        PEAK® Universal J20C Tractor Fluid

PEAK® Universal J20C Tractor Fluid

Part #PUT005

Product Description

PEAK® UNIVERSAL TRACTOR FLUID meets the torque transfer, hydraulic, and power transmission requirements of farm tractors and implements. PEAK® UNIVERSAL

TRACTOR FLUID is formulated to:

• Lubricate the transmission, differential and final drive gears

• Act as a power steering, power brake, power take-off and implement final drive fluid

• Provide a medium with the correct friction and heat transfer properties for proper operation of the tractor wet brakes and power take-off units

Features & Benefits:
  • Exceptional extreme pressure and anti-wear performance protects tractor transmissions, axles, and hydraulic pumps.
  • Frictional characteristics help minimize “chatter” while enabling the proper operation of wet brakes. This frictional balance also provides smooth engagement of the power take-off clutch
  • Provides excellent rust and corrosion protection and good oxidation stability for high temperature service
  • Meets the SAE viscosity grade of 10W-30, API Service Classification SF/CC, and API GL-4
  • Excellent anti-foam properties
  • Excellent low temperature performance characteristics
  • Helps maintain seals and gaskets used in modern tractors

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • PEAK® UNIVERSAL TRACTOR FLUID is recommended for use in most hydraulic fluid and
    transmission oil applications for tractors and implements including:
    • Allison C-2, C-3 • Allis Chalmers PF821, 272843
    • J.I Case JIC-143, TFD JIC-144,TCH JIC-185, MS-1206, and 1230 • Caterpillar TO-2
    • Clark Transmissions • Sundstrand Hydraulic Transmission Fluid
    • Deutz-Allis Power Fluid 821 XL • Ford New Holland M2C134-D, M2C53-A, M2C41-B, M2C-159C
    • Hesston-Fiat AF-87 • International Harvester B-6, Hy-Tran
    • John Deere Hy-Gard, J20A, Type 303, Quatrol, J21A, J20C, J14B/C • Massey Ferguson M-2239, Permatran, M-1127A/B, M-1110, M-1141
    • Oliver Type 55 • Renk 874 A/B
    • J.I. Case/International Harvester MS-1207 and MS-1210 • White Farm Q1722, Q1766, Q1826, and Type 55