Part #PCTF076

Power Steering Fluid is specifically designed and rigorously tested to satisfy the OEM requirements of your North American vehicle.

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Technical Documentation:

Product Description

PEAK® FULL SYNTHETIC CVT TRANSMISSION FLUID is designed to meet the difficult challenges of effectively balancing frictional performance needs and durability required in today's Continuously Variable Transmissions. Suitable for service fill and recommended in most belt- or chain-driven CVTs. Do not use in non-CVT automatic transmission applications.

Features & Benefits:
  • Superior friction control delivers superior friction stability to maintain smooth, consistent shifting and prevent shudder
  • Excellent anti-wear and oxidation stability protection to prevent metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts
  • Full synthetic base provides resists low-temperature viscosity change and high operating temperature oil thickening
  • Compatible in multiple CVT transmission types

Specifications, Applications and Product Details

  • Suitable for service fill fluid. Consult vehicle owner's manual for specific fluid recommendation
    • Audi/VW (TL 52180; G 052 180; G 052 516)
    • BMW 8322 0 136 376/8322 0 429 154(EZL799/EZL 799A)
    • Daihatsu Amix CVTF-DC, AMIX CVTF-DFE
    • Ford CVT23, CVT30, CFT30/WSS-M2C933-A MERCON® C
    • GM DEX-CVT, CVTF I-Green2
    • Honda HMMF (without starting clutch), HCF2
    • Hyundai/Kia CVTF, SP-CVT 1, CVT-J1
    • Mazda CVTF 3320
    • Mercedes Benz CVT28, MB 236.20
    • Mini Cooper (EZL 799/ EZL 799A/ZF CVT V1)
    • Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 -J4, SP-III (CVT)
    • Nissan NS-1, -2, -3
    •Punch EZL 799/EZL 799A
    • Subaru NS-2 / Lineartronic CVTF, i-CVTF, e-CVTF
    • Suzuki CVTF TC, NS-2, CVT Green 1 & 2, CVTF 3320
    • Toyota CVTF TC, CVTF FE