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Deep Thoughts on Windshield Wash

Deep Thoughts…on Windshield Wash

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • PEAK
  • August 18, 2022

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Yep, even windshield washer fluid is something you should think about.


Guess what nobody really thinks about much, when it comes to vehicle maintenance? If you blurted, “Windshield wash!” out loud like a crazy person as you read this, you’d be absolutely right. And not crazy at all, actually. We’ll explain…


Windshield wash fluid is one of those features in your car or truck specifically designed to not be given a second thought…until you need it. And when you suddenly need to clear your windshield, it means that you, your passengers and everyone else near you on the road could be affected by that need. To put it mildly.


When it comes to inventing a better mousetrap in the world of windshield washer fluid, there’s no brand better qualified than the one with the snow-capped mountain in its logo; PEAK. We’ve been preparing drivers for extreme weather for years now and our All-In-One -30° F Premium Windshield Wash is the orange stuff you’ll want to fill that plastic tank under the hood of your car with, no matter what part of the world you live in.

PEAK All-In-One -30° F Windshield Wash is a mouthful, but when you ask for it at your favorite auto parts store, rest assured that you’re getting a formulation designed to clear your view of the road from ice, salt, snow, mud, tree sap, bugs and road grime quickly and easily:


  • New premium performance formula that provides year-round spot-free cleaning
  • ALL-IN-ONE™ formula battles all elements including melting frost, snow, and light ice and removes road grime, bugs, and tree sap from your windshield
  • Engineered to provide all season performance with freeze protection down to -30˚F
  • Formulated with water repellent technology for improved visibility
  • Safe for use with rain-sensing windshield wipers

So, as you’re looking forward to the next change in season, roadtrip adventure, or just need to refill that giant windshield washer fluid tank under the hood of your favorite commuter, be like Mike: our own Mike Austin, that is, and choose PEAK All-In-One -30° F Windshield Wash. As the fluid formulated with you and all your driving conditions in mind, it’s the orange stuff on a shelf full of blue stuff. And when you need it, you’ll know exactly why you made the right choice.

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